Bolivia (Boliwia). Przewodnik Lo...

Bolivia (Boliwia). Przewodnik Lonely Planet

Autorzy: Greg Benchwick, Paul Smith

Bolivia (Boliwia). Przewodnik Lonely Planet
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Wydawca: Lonely Planet
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  Rugged, rough around the edges, and rich in vibrant indigenous cultures and superlative natural beauty, Bolivia off ers adventure every second of every day. - Inspirational images, country highlights, the best of local knowledge and recommendations from our expert authors
- Planning features and top itineraries to help you plan the perfect trip
- Local secrets and hidden travel gems that will make your trip unique
- PLUS Bolivia Outdoors, Indigenous Culture, The Natural World and Amazon Itinerary Coverage includes: Planning chapters, La Paz, Lake Titicaca, The Cordilleras, Yungas, Southern Altiplano,
Central Highlands, South Central Bolivia, the Chaco, Santa Cruz, Gran Chiquitania, Amazon Basin, Understand and Survival chapters. - New Month-By-Month planning feature with Bolivias best and oddest festivals
- Special feature on Bolivias varied environment from arid salt planes to misty mountains and thick jungle,
- Incisive chapter on Bolivias unique indigenous culture
- The worlds bestselling guidebook to Bolivia

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