Holidays with the Griffins

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A Brazilian descendant of the inhabitants of former Pomerania, a resident of Rio de Janeiro, comes to the country of his ancestors in search of treasures hidden in this land for centuries, the probable location of which is shown by a mysterious map given to him by his great-grandfather. In this way the young man fulfils the dying old man’s last will. In his search he is accompanied by two newly met friends who want to help the Brazilian. They care even more so when they learn that mysterious objects found and collected in one place have a special power. During seemingly innocent, at the beginning, searches, thanks to the boy’s visionary abilities, they actually find the secret places. At the same time, they come across strange links that also lead them to Scandinavia and Germany. Things take a more serious, sometimes even dramatic turn when friends realize that a mysterious “entrepreneur” is following in their footsteps…

What do castles in Polish and German Pomerania and in Scandinavia have in common? This trip will surely surprise you. This is not an ordinary holiday trip, because the story you hear will allow you to move into a fascinating world of mysteries and adventures. Traveling along the trail, you will become part of this fascinating story and discover secrets of the lost duchy.

Embedded in the present day, “Holidays with the Griffins” skilfully leads us to individual places on the Trail (in Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany), to help us find treasures hidden centuries ago, which were brought to Pomerania by the only king among the Griffins, who for almost half a century was the ruler of Scandinavia.


The contemporary and young characters of “Holidays with the Griffins”, trying to find the treasures of King Eric that actually existed and got lost, unexpectedly gain so much more. This story is suspenseful, surprising, sometimes it makes you laugh, it touches you and reveals what was previously invisible to many. I believe that this is a good read especially for young readers who may discover the beginning of their own adventure in it.
Olgierd Geblewicz

Briefly speaking, Pomerania was waiting for this book :-) The varied course of action makes this novel very unobvious. The complexity of the history of Pomerania is shown perfectly. In a multicultural and multinational way. In addition, full of threads touching not only onto the Baltic Sea basin – also in Scandinavia, but even in distant Brazil… this South American accent has always intrigued and fascinated both the inhabitants of Szczecin and tourists… Let yourself be drawn into this fascinating story.
Tomasz Wieczorek

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