Best Ever Photography Tips

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Best Ever Photography Tips  - okładka książki

Best Ever Photography Tips  - okładka książki

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Lonely Planet
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Sharpen your skills and your pictures with this updated edition of Lonely Planets bestselling Best Ever Photography Tips. Featuring 45 practical tips and ten golden rules from award-winning travel photographer Richard IAnson, its packed with insight into the creative and technical skills required to produce brilliant images.

Designed for novices and experienced photographers alike, this concise guide also includes essential advice on kit, techniques, editing and sharing, to help you capture great moments wherever you are in the world whether youre using a smartphone or DSLR. Plus, each tip and trick is accompanied by a photograph to show you how its done.

Inside, youll learn how to:

  • Take control of the picture-taking process
  • Shoot Raw files
  • Become proficient with image-editing software
  • Adjust your exposure and depth of field
  • Use short telephoto and wide-angle lenses
  • Shoot wildlife, nightlife, people, cities, landscapes and your lunch
  • Anticipate the moment and talk to strangers
  • Avoid lens flare
  • Record light trails
  • Learn how to compose, control and critique your photographs

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