Gruzja. Mapa ITMB 1:610 000 (ebook)(audiobook)(audiobook)

Okładka książki Gruzja. Mapa ITMB 1:610 000
Okładka książki Gruzja. Mapa ITMB 1:610 000

Tył okładki książki Gruzja. Mapa ITMB 1:610 000

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Mapa Gruzji wydawnictwa IMTB w skali 1:610 000.

4th Ed. 2010 scale 1:610,000 Europeans consider Georgia to be in Asia because, by an accident of history, the country ended up on the wrong side of an arbitrary line drawn through some rolling hills called the Caucasus. Regardless, this is a European country, bound by ethnicity, history, and religion to the west, not the east. The country has been threatened fairly recently by the Russian bear, but the country is recovering and the people are warm and hospitable. Historically, Georgia has much to offer ancient cities, churches and monasteries, mountain villages, and everywhere, smiling faces. This is a very popular touristic destination, and we have updated information, improved readability, and generally done our best to portray this interesting country favourably. Printed on paper, single-sided.


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