Armenia i Azerbejdżan. Mapa ITMB...

Armenia i Azerbejdżan. Mapa ITMB 1:560 000


Armenia i Azerbejdżan. Mapa ITMB 1:560 000
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Ksiazka drukowana Druk (oprawa: miękka)
Wydawca: ITMB

Armenia is a lovely country to visit, and popular. This 5th edition updates changes and adds a new inset map of Yerevan, the capital.
Azerbaijan is the other half of Armenia. The two countries dont like each other, but are intertwined, with enclaves of cultural and religious communities encircled by each others countries. Regardless, it is an interesting country, and modernizing quickly. This edition includes a new inset map of Baku, on the Caspian Sea, and notes the new rail connection inching its way towards Turkey. In the future, this line will be a main conduit of goods and people between China and Europe.